With technology forming an ever-increasingly significant part of everyday lives, it is vital that we prepare our pupils for their future rather than our present. 

For this reason ICT must go beyond learning how to format a word-processed document or write calculations in a spreadsheet, it is about developing an intuition that allows technology to become a natural part of learning, doing, creating and developing.

To facilitate this, teaching staff and all pupils have their own (school managed) iPad in every lesson and for activities (if appropriate).  Classrooms are all equipped with Apple TVs connected to the projectors so that any pupil may project their work wirelessly from their desk for the class to see; in effect, every pupil has their own interactive whiteboard, communication device, camera, audio recorder, library, encyclopaedia, sketch book, notepad and much more in their own hand.  The list of Apps is ever-changing but ranges from the traditional office suite through iMovie and Garageband to note-taking, comic-strip making, painting, audio editing, spider-diagrams as well as email and access to the web.  To facilitate this, the school has a dedicated high-speed internet connection that provides filtered web-access across the site.

ICT / Computing lessons are taught throughout the school with Years 4 and 5 having two lessons per week and Years 6 to 8 one lesson per week with an increasing emphasis on “programming” skills to complement the word-processing, spreadsheet, presentation and graphic work. On top of this there is a strong emphasis upon digital learning across the curriculum to integrate technology into normal working practice.

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