Structure of the Day


A typical Maidwell Hall school day is as follows:

8:15am Arrival.
Day pupils are welcome to arrive as early as 7:40am and join our boarders for breakfast.

The whole school gathers to begin the day as a community.

8:50am Lessons 1-3.
Children are taught in form groups, with between 10 and 16 pupils in a class. Concentration levels are high in the mornings, so these lessons focus on the core subjects of maths and English.
10:45am Break time.
After working hard for three lessons, pupils enjoy a long break. They have their first ‘grog’ of the day – a special Maidwell tradition, which includes our famous home-made cookies or fruit and a drink. We offer a wide variety of scheduled activities for children to enjoy during their break time, ranging from taekwondo, woodwork and ballet to choir, cross-country and squash.
11.30am Lessons 4 and 5.
After letting off steam at break time, it’s back to the classroom for two more engaging and stimulating lessons.
12:45pm Lunchtime.
This is a real highlight of the day. Everyone gathers in the dining hall to eat together in a family environment. Delicious home-cooked meals are prepared by our own kitchen team, ensuring pupils enjoy a carefully balanced diet throughout the week. The food we provide is one of the exceptional features of life at Maidwell Hall.
1:20pm Reading rest.
As they digest their food, pupils enjoy a relaxing 20 minutes during which they sit and read quietly. It’s a lovely tradition that reinforces the importance of reading and helps children develop a love of books. Our school librarian is a PhD fellow, who works with the children in their reading sessions and in English lessons to help them discover the books they enjoy.
1:45pm Lessons 6 and 7.
Inspired by their reading, pupils return to their classrooms for two more lessons.
3:00pm Games.
It’s time for some physical activity to reinvigorate the body and mind. Our pupils engage in sports and games every day, including football, rugby, cricket, hockey, netball and rounders, as well as a whole host of individual sports. Every Thursday we offer a carousel of activities to give children an opportunity to try new things. These could include, climbing, shooting, squash, cross-country, swimming, golf or a whole host of other options, including concert band.
4:05pm Grog.
The second grog of the day provides much-needed refreshment after all that activity. We offer freshly prepared sandwiches, fruit and a drink.

Lesson 8.
Our final lesson of the day.

5:00pm Prep.
All pupils have an hour of prep in school. This is a supervised session in classrooms with an academic member of staff. Children can get on with their homework and prepare for the next day.
6:00pm Supper.
There is a relaxed atmosphere at supper, as we end the school day with a family-style meal. Day pupils are welcome and encouraged to stay with us for supper.
6:30pm Activity time.
Pupils have a huge range of options to choose from in the evening. We offer an eclectic menu of activities, which often reflects the skills and interests of our staff. Options could include trout smoking, designing and writing articles for the school magazine, tennis, Dungeons & Dragons, cooking, computer coding, pom-pom making, apple pressing, beekeeping, fly fishing, golf, rifle shooting, woodwork, ballet, yoga and much more. The list of activities is constantly changing, and adds real value to the Maidwell experience. Children have a long and fulfilling day during which they are exposed to a huge range of opportunities and experiences.

Day pupils bid farewell to their friends for the day, while boarders remain with us (see below).

For boarding pupils, the start and end of the day includes the following:

7:00am Wake up.
Wake up and get ready for the day.
7:40am Breakfast. 
The first meal of the day is so important, and we offer plenty of choice. Our wholesome, balanced breakfast gets the day off to the best possible start.
8:05am First break.
It’s time for pupils to go outside, stretch their legs and get some fresh air, so they’re raring to go for the school day. Day pupils join us during the first break, and start the day playing out with their friends.


7:30pm Evening.
Day pupils bid farewell to their friends for the day, while boarders have cereal and a hot drink before heading up to their dormitories. Children wind down with stories, board games and quiet activities with matron.
From 8:10pm Bedtime.
Boarders get ready for bed, with bedtime at 8:10pm for Forms VI and V (Years 3 and 4), 8:20pm for Form IV (Year 5), 8:40pm for Form III (Year 6), 9:00pm for Form II (Year 7) and 9.10pm for Form I (Year 8).

All boarders are given 10 minutes of reading time before lights out, helping them to relax and unwind after a busy school day.


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