The curriculum taught at Maidwell Hall is broad, comprehensive and stimulating. Pupils have a busy school life packed with varied lessons and experiences.

Our curriculum is designed to provide a well-rounded education that gives pupils plentiful opportunities to find and develop their talents and interests.

Broad and balanced curriculum

Pupils are taught by specialists in the core curriculum subjects, including English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, French and TPR (Theology, Philosophy and Religion). TPR is a particularly popular subject, encouraging children to explore ethical and philosophical ideas through debate and discussion. The core curriculum is enriched by an array of co-curricular subjects, including Art, Design, Music, Drama, Classics, ICT, PE, swimming and Games.

Throughout their time at Maidwell, our pupils will also have lessons in life skills, with Relationships Health Education (RHE) for pupils in Reception to Form III, and Relationships Sex Education (RSE) for Forms II and I. 

Transition to Prep school

Our pupils are carefully managed through the transition from Pre-Prep teaching to Prep school. In the early Prep years, a form teacher will teach pupils for most of their lessons, supplemented by lessons from subject-specific teachers in specialist classrooms. This means younger pupils will have one main teacher responsible for their learning, while gaining experience of subject-specific teaching. From Form VI (Year 3) when pupils enter the prep school, many of the lessons are taught by subject specialists, just as they are in a senior school.

Younger Prep pupils are introduced to Greek, Latin and French in a fun way in order to build familiarity and confidence in these subjects from an early age. They also have dedicated reading, writing and touch-typing lessons – developing essential skills for learning and life.

Differentiated lessons

Our experienced teachers are passionate about their subjects, and strive to engender a love of those subjects among pupils. Our class sizes allow teachers to get to know all our pupils personally, and can differentiate learning to suit individual abilities, preferences and personalities.

Every pupil has an iPad to support their learning, providing an excellent educational resource. The iPads are strictly for educational purposes, not for recreation – and their use is closely monitored.

Exam preparation

We prepare pupils thoroughly for Common Entrance exams and senior school pre-tests – helping them make a smooth transition to the next stage of their education. For older pupils, we provide dedicated study skills lessons, teaching them how to revise and study independently.

Uppingham opportunities

As part of the Uppingham Group of Schools, we are able to add another layer of opportunity for Maidwell pupils. Uppingham teachers enjoy delivering specialist lessons to our pupils, and our children have access to the excellent facilities at Uppingham to support their learning.

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