School Life

School Life

Life at Maidwell Hall is characterised by the rich and varied experiences pupils gain throughout their time here.

Our holistic approach to education is a distinguishing feature of life at Maidwell Hall. We provide many varied experiences and opportunities for pupils – both within and outside the academic curriculum. We want to give pupils every opportunity to build skills, explore new ideas and experiences, discover talents, build friendships and create memories that last a lifetime.

Our idyllic setting, with its lake, woodlands and extensive playing fields, is an inspirational playground for any child. It fires the imagination and gives children the freedom to explore with their friends. 

Pupils are encouraged and championed in all their endeavours by an experienced and dedicated team of teaching and support staff who know them well. Children thrive in this caring and supportive family environment, and develop into kind, respectful, confident and happy individuals.

Our vertical tutor system is one of the key aspects of life at Maidwell, underpinning our pastoral care provision. This system further encourages pupils to mix with children from other year groups and to form a strong bond with their tutor, who is always looking out for them.

Pupils enjoy a carefully balanced diet of home-cooked food, which gives them the fuel they need to make the most of all the opportunities we offer. Children rate our food as one of the outstanding features of life in school – from our tradition of “grog” at break times to our delicious lunches and suppers served in the family atmosphere of our dining hall.

Maidwell Hall prepares pupils well for the next stage of their education. We have a strong track record of developing individual skills and aptitudes, and helping pupils move on successfully to their chosen senior school.

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