Our House system is at the heart of the school ethos – giving children a sense of belonging, community and camaraderie.

When they join the school, pupils are allocated to one of our four Houses – Ash, Beech, Oak or Pine – and develop a sense of great pride in their House achievements and their contribution to its success. Each House includes pupils from every year group, and pupils stay in their House throughout their time at Maidwell.

There are House competitions throughout the school year. They include sports competitions in rugby, hockey, football, netball, cricket, rounders, golf, cross-country, shooting and croquet. Houses also compete in debating, general knowledge quizzes, chess, pancake races, Monopoly, video gaming and of course the annual House singing competition which is always a highlight.

House competitions provide pupils with opportunities they may not otherwise encounter. The wide diversity of competitions gives everyone a chance to participate and demonstrate their talents. The support of their fellow House members encourages each child to have a go, without fear of failure.

There is great rivalry between the Houses, but the competitiveness is always positive, respectful and supportive. House competitions generate a huge amount of fun, laughter, cheering and enthusiasm throughout the School.

Individual pupils can also earn House points for day-to-day achievements, good work, kindness and positive behaviour. Pupils love to know they are contributing to the success of their House.

The announcement of the House league table is one of the most anticipated events of the week. There are prizes for the House which has earned the most points each term, while the winning House each year is awarded the coveted House Shield.

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