Boarding Staff


Dedicated boarding staff, teachers and gap tutors are always on hand to care for our boarding pupils throughout the day and night.

Teaching staff stay overnight are on duty to augment the boarding staff in school on a rota basis during the week. They spend time with the children in the evenings, reading stories, playing games and supervising activities, before helping to settle the children as they get ready for bed.

Once everyone is in bed, overnight duties are taken up by Matron and the houseparents. They will circulate the dormitories after lights out to make sure everyone is settled. Matron sleeps in her flat close to the dormitories, where children can find her easily if they need anything during the night.

There are plenty of adults on site during the night to help out in any eventuality. These include the staff members on duty, matron, gap tutors and the headmaster, who lives at the school with his family. It means our boarders feel safe and comfortable in a happy and homely environment, where they are always well looked after.

Our gap tutors play an important role in school. They are mostly gap-year students, often from South Africa, New Zealand or Australia, as well as the UK, and occasionally include some former Maidwell pupils. Pupils regard gap tutors rather like big brothers and sisters. Gap tutors play an active role in school life, helping to supervise and look after the children, and support staff in many of our extra-curricular activities.

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