Alongside our full provision for day pupils, Maidwell Hall also offers midweek and fortnightly boarding. 

This flexibility gives parents the opportunity to choose a boarding option that fits around their lifestyle, location and preferences.

Children who live more locally often choose to attend as a day pupil and day pupils are fully integrated into the school community, with many choosing to stay at school for evening activities and joining in on weekend trips.

Options for boarders 

Midweek boarding (two or three nights a week) is available for all pupils from Form VI (Year 3).

Midweek boarders can choose either a two-night (Thursday and Friday) or a three-night option (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday). Children can choose the midweek boarding options throughout their time at Maidwell. 

Fortnightly boarding is available from Year 5; fortnightly boarders return home every other weekend when we have leave-out weekends and, of course, for the school holidays.

Our boarding routines

On weekdays, our younger pupils go upstairs to bed soon after the end of the day’s activities. They have some time to play board games or card games and to read, or enjoy a bedtime story. Older children have slightly later bedtimes, giving them more free time in the evenings to socialise, read and relax.

Our cosy and homely dormitories house between three and eight children. We encourage our boarders to personalise their space with toys, posters, photos and bed linen from home.

There are separate boarding areas for boys and girls, each with their own common room areas. There is also a communal area on the mezzanine floor where children have their evening ‘grog’ before bedtime.

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