Day Pupils


Maidwell Hall offers a full provision for day pupils, with plentiful opportunities to get involved in activities both inside and outside of the classroom.

Maidwell Hall’s provision for day pupils offers children all of the benefits of a boarding school, from additional educational support, allocated prep time and time for music practise, to extra-curricular evening activities and weekend trips.

While day pupils typically arrive at 8.15am for the start of the school day, they are welcome to arrive as early as 7.40am for breakfast.  This flexibility enables parents to drop off their child before work and other daytime commitments. Day pupils can also stay for supper in the evening on any day they choose, and can remain in school until 7:30pm to take part in the range of activities and opportunities available after school.

If they wish, day pupils can opt to try one of the midweek boarding options for a term; we offer two-night or three-night options to give first-time boarders a taste of boarding life. Pupils can continue with midweek boarding for as long as they wish, switch to fortnightly boarding, or, of course, remain as a day pupil if that’s the right option for them.

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