Health and Wellbeing


Active pursuits, individual care, and a well-balanced diet help to keep our pupils happy and healthy in body and mind.

The pupils at Maidwell are surrounded by caring and supportive adults. Our matrons care for children throughout the day and night, providing everything from help with evening routines to reassurance and comfort for any child who needs it.

Healthcare support

We have our own school nurse who is responsible for supporting our pupils’ health and wellbeing. She takes care of all health-related issues, from dispensing medicines and managing individual health conditions to arranging doctor’s appointments and providing first aid at sports matches. She is also a mental health first aider and runs a variety of kindness and wellbeing initiatives. Children know they can talk to her about any illnesses, worries or concerns.

Eating well

A nutritious, balanced diet is essential to the health and vitality of our pupils. The food we serve in school has a well-earned reputation for excellence, thanks to our outstanding kitchen team who prepare freshly cooked meals every day. Our pupils are extremely active, and our carefully planned menus ensure we give pupils the right nutrition to power their busy lives.

Our kitchen team create delicious meals from wholesome ingredients, and also adapt menus for children with particular dietary requirements or food allergies, strengthened by our small community size which allows our kitchen team to get to know each child individually. Lunch is a highlight of the school day, when everyone enjoys a hearty home-cooked meal in a convivial family atmosphere. There is an active Food Committee, run by the Head Chef and Lead Nurse, which gives pupils the opportunity to have their say.


Activity and exercise

Sports and games are central to life at Maidwell Hall, and play an important part in helping children to develop healthy and active habits. Playtime, exploration and outdoor activities are encouraged every day, giving our pupils the energy and drive they need to succeed in all areas of life at school and beyond.

We also have a well-structured life skills programme (RHE/RSE), which is embedded in the curriculum. It includes lessons on healthy lifestyles, positive thinking and healthy eating – helping children to understand the importance of looking after their physical and mental wellbeing.

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