First Time Boarders


At Maidwell Hall, we work hard to provide a welcoming environment that creates a home-from-home experience for all our boarders, and particularly our first-time boarders.

We make every effort to support first-time boarders, ensuring they feel welcome in our family-orientated environment. The size of our school means that any new boarders are very quickly integrated into our community, soon know their way around and feel at home.

We provide a friendly induction programme for first-time boarders. This includes showing them around the dormitories, explaining the evening and morning routines, and introducing them to their dorm captains, who are normally pupils who are in Form 1 (Year 8). 

The Houseparents and a team of Matrons are on call overnight in their accommodation close to the dormitories and are always on hand to provide comfort and care, supported by a team of teaching staff, gap tutors and the Headmaster. All our boarding staff have the safety, happiness and wellbeing of our pupils as their first priority.

First-time boarders are also paired up with one or two other pupils, who act as their guide. These guide pupils help the new pupil to find their way around, ensure they get where they need to be on time, answer any questions, and provide reassurance and a friendly face around school.

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