Headmaster's Welcome

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Maidwell Hall is a warm, welcoming, vibrant prep school set in the beautiful English countryside. We give children the freedom, space and time to be themselves and to get the most from the formative years.

We love welcoming children into our school, and they love being here. Our small size means we get to know every child as an individual. We celebrate who they are and provide the care and support they need to flourish. Maidwell Hall pupils are happy children. They start their days full of enthusiasm, eager to get going.

School days at Maidwell Hall are filled with a huge variety of lessons, activities and experiences to engage, inspire and excite young minds. Children learn to work hard and understand that working hard is worthwhile – but they have an enormous amount of fun along the way. They have free time and the space to explore, build friendships, and access wonderful opportunities in sport, music, drama, arts, outdoor activities and so much more – all fuelled by delicious home-cooked meals from our kitchens.

We are blessed with experienced and dedicated staff, who are all prep school specialists. Every member of staff knows every child in school and knows them well. That is because pupils and staff interact routinely throughout the day in so many settings, from classrooms and sports pitches to after-school sessions and mealtimes. We get to know each pupil’s interests, skills, and passions, so we can nurture, support and encourage them as individuals.

Whilst we uphold traditional values, we embrace modern educational practices. Children are taught in small classes by subject specialists. We use technology fit for the 21st century – giving children the tools they need to access a modern education and prepare them for senior school.

As part of the Uppingham Group of Schools, our strong relationship with Uppingham gives Maidwell pupils access to an even wider range of opportunities and experiences during their time with us. Many Maidwell Hall pupils go on to join Uppingham, but that is just one of the pathways open to them. We maintain our independence and have a strong record of preparing pupils for many prestigious public schools around the UK, including Oundle, Stowe, Harrow and Rugby.

Our pupils leave Maidwell as confident, independent children. They are polite and well-mannered - they know how to communicate. In short, they leave ready for the next stage of their lives and to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead.

Anthony Rendall

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