Physical activity, sports and games are central to life at Maidwell Hall. Good health and physical exercise are so important in all aspects of life and learning.

The variety of opportunities on offer at Maidwell mean that every child gets the chance to exert themselves and enjoy the thrill of sports, games and outdoor pursuits.

Pupils have games every day and have many opportunities to compete against other schools in a whole variety of sports. We have boys’ teams, girls’ teams and, increasingly, mixed teams in various sports. The main team games we play are football, rugby, hockey, cricket, and netball. We also offer coaching for all pupils in tennis, athletics, swimming, cross-country and squash. 

We love hosting sports matches at our school. Parents from visiting schools are always welcome to cheer on their teams and join us for our delicious match teas, which are freshly prepared on site.

Every Thursday we have a ‘minor sports’ day, during which we offer a carousel of sports and activities for pupils to try. These include climbing, shooting, cross-country, badminton, basketball, golf, sailing, riding, dance and gymnastics. This provides a wonderful opportunity for children who may not relish the mainstream sports to try something different, find out what they enjoy and discover new talents. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to have fun and find different ways to engage in physical exercise.

We have extensive playing fields and indoor facilities available on-site. There are outdoor pitches for all sports, an all-weather Astroturf pitch and extensive grounds for cross-country and outdoor pursuits. We are also fortunate to have our own indoor, heated swimming pool, as well as a climbing wall, sports hall and squash court.

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