Monitoring Progress


We monitor our pupils’ progress through regular formal assessments and reports, as well as in lessons and discussions.

Through daily interactions in multiple settings, we get to know our pupils very well, understanding how we can help them to achieve their potential or where they may need extra support in their learning. When pupils join the school, we carry out baseline tests, and then continue to track their progress through regular standardised testing.

We maintain regular, consistent communication in order to keep parents well informed about their child’s progress, achieved through regular reports and feedback. In addition, we hold face-to-face parent-teacher meetings annually, where parents can meet all of their child’s subject teachers.

Pupils also meet their tutors weekly to discuss their progress, and Heads of Department will sometimes meet with them to ensure their individual needs are met.

Pupils are well prepared for testing, and sit several sets of whole-school exams from Form V (Year 4) to Form I (Year 8), alongside assessments in lessons conducted throughout the school year. These regular assessments play a pivotal role in our overall tracking of pupils’ progress, while also preparing them well for senior school.

Alongside Cognitive Abilities Tests (CAT4) testing we also use GL Assessments in English, maths and science throughout the school in order for us to assess pupil progress. This is done throughout a pupil’s time at school and gives us the data to provide a detailed and individualised learning profile for each child.

In their final year at Maidwell, pupils sit the Common Entrance exam or senior school pre-tests, with preparation, support and guidance in place to ensure they reach their potential in these important assessments.

In addition, we actively identify pupils with scholarship potential, whether in academic subjects, sport, art, music or all-round leadership. We devise individual programmes to help these pupils develop their skills, with tailored classes and extension work to prepare them for scholarship exams.

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