Learning Support


We offer individual support for every pupil, and because we know our pupils so well, we are quickly able to identify any specific needs – and provide targeted support wherever necessary.

We have a dedicated special educational needs coordinator (SENCO) and support team, who ensure we consistently care for our ever-changing pupil body. Our specialist team works one-to-one with pupils to develop individual learning programmes for each child.

We offer targeted interventions and support groups for pupils who are excelling in particular subjects, as well as for those who might be struggling. This includes personalised one-to-one support in the core subjects of English and maths.

Reading is the foundation of all learning, so we place special emphasis on building a love of reading in all year groups, with dedicated reading time after lunch every day. We have break-out reading groups for our strongest readers, as well as consolidation reading groups to help children build their reading skills.

We also have strong links with a top educational psychologist, who is able to offer specialist assessments for individual pupils. We communicate regularly with parents about all additional support needs and assessments. This ensures the right intervention is swiftly implemented to provide the extra help each child needs.

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