This vibrant department creates an environment of meaningful learning coupled with a great sense of enjoyment.

We produce a high percentage of A grades for Common Entrance and have great experience at preparing candidates for scholarships. The department is staffed by two teachers both of whom are experienced and passionate about the subject.

In the junior part of the school the focus is invaders and settlers: Saxons, Vikings and, of course, the Norman Conquest. The story then continues through the Middle Ages where pupils learn about perhaps the most formative period of our history: the development of Parliament, Common Law, language, culture and Christianity. Lessons are highly interactive and kinaesthetic; a Saxon/Viking re-enactment day contributes to a curriculum that is full of fun, facts and thought provoking discussion. 

In the senior part of the school the emphasis is on The Tudors and Stuarts. Again, lessons are thought-provoking  and interactive; children are encouraged to experience hands-on history using appropriate evidence source material. A trip to the National Civil War Centre allows pupils to explore life in war-torn 17th Century England through the study of an historical site and artefacts. We are fortunate to have easy access to the Naseby battlefield and Form II pupils are given a tour of this internationally significant site.

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