Pastoral Care

Food & nutrition

At Maidwell Hall we believe that mealtimes are intrinsically important to the wellbeing of our children and their enjoyment of the day. We therefore pride ourselves on serving delicious food in an atmosphere that encourages being sociable and having good manners.

At lunchtime there are set places on tables seating approximately twelve children of mixed ages and two teachers. Everyone is encouraged to assist one another and to discuss their day across the year groups. During breakfast and supper children help themselves and are free to sit with their year group informally.

We have a strict nutritional policy with the emphasis on fresh and home-made produce and dishes; for example, home-made yoghurt, soups, bread and cakes are provided on a daily basis. Homemade biscuits and fruit for snacks are available in the morning, afternoon and evening to ensure that energy levels are kept up.

Maidwell Hall is well known for our delicious food and we feel that it’s a well-deserved reputation that we work hard to keep! The philosophy at Maidwell is to provide a 'food standard that can't be bettered' by using fresh ingredients and traditional cooking methods.  We believe freshly cooked, locally sourced produce is the best we can give the children.

The Headmaster’s Wife and the Catering Manager have regular meetings with the Pupil Food Committee to hear their comments on the food which they would like to see on the menu.  This is a valuable time between the children and the catering team and they can share their ideas.  This gives the catering team the opportunity to advise on healthy eating and take on board their comments for meal suggestions and also likes and dislikes.


Medical & Matronal Staff
School Doctor
Mrs A Cooper BSc, RGN – School Nurse
Mrs T Willis – Senior Matron
Mrs A Bailey – Matron
Mrs S Brown – Matron
Miss K Macreadie – Matron
Mrs J Knott – Matron

It goes without saying that the health and wellbeing of our children is of paramount importance. Together with the team of matrons, Mrs Alex Cooper and Mrs Tracey Willis oversee the day to day welfare of the children, with the school doctor visiting every Thursday. Children feel that they can go and see the matrons any time they need, who excel in all things medical…as well as giving out hugs and reassurance when needed!

The Tutor System

We are very proud of our long established tutor system at Maidwell Hall with the relationship between the tutor and tutee being very special and supportive.

The children feel that they can speak to their Tutee regarding anything that is important to them, be that a recent achievement or something that is troubling them.

Each tutor has only approximately 6/7 tutees, with children finding that the other members of their ‘tutor group’ become friends. During the weekly tutor period topics are discussed as a group, then every tutee has private one to one time with their tutor where any topic can be raised. The tutor also discusses and comments on their tutees regular academic assessments, praising them and discussing areas for improvement where necessary.

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