Catering at Maidwell Hall

We pride ourselves in the high quality of our catering arrangements.  The whole school eats together at each meal with lunch operating as a formal occasion with the teaching staff taking the tables and pupils seated in mixed age groups.  Breakfast and supper are less formal and there is a wide choice of food available.  We have three snacks between meals during the day and before bed.  We have a strict nutritional policy with the emphasis on fresh and home-made produce and dishes; for example home-made yoghurt, soups, bread and cakes are provided on a daily basis.  Fresh fruit is provided at all times.

Focusing on Fresh Food

The philosophy at Maidwell is to provide a 'food standard that can't be bettered' by using fresh ingredients and traditional cooking methods.  We believe freshly cooked, locally sourced produce is the best we can give the children at Maidwell.

What's In Our Food

Our meals are designed to provide the right balance of recommended daily intakes for children between the ages of 7 and 13 and tasty home-cooked foods, whilst reflecting the changing seasons.  We do not use any nut or nut based products, or any added salt in our cooking processes, instead we use stocks and herbs to add depth and flavour.


Our menus are designed to be nutritionally balanced, whilst offering a wide-choice for all tastes.  We aim to produce home-cooked items, only frying food on occasion and using cooking methods to retain maximum nutritional value.

Special Diets and Food Allergies

At Maidwell we recognise and understand special diets and food allergies for individual children.  This may mean minor tweaks to the existing menu or in extreme cases a complete bespoke meal.

Local Food

At Maidwell we go to great lengths to ensure we carefully select our produce taking into account location, quality and traceability of produce.

School Food Council

The Headmaster’s Wife and the Catering Manager have regular meetings with the pupil food committee to discuss food issues and to hear their comments on the food which they would like to see on the menu.  This is a valuable time between the children and the catering team and they can share their ideas.  This gives the catering team the opportunity to advise on healthy eating and take on board their comments for meal suggestions and also likes and dislikes.



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