Extra Curricular

At Maidwell Hall, the children spend time every day exploring the surrounding woodland and park, climbing trees and building dens. On Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays there is also an extended ‘muck about’, which really gives children the time to explore and play. In the summer the top year bring in bikes with which to further explore the grounds.

There is also an excellent range of extra-curricular opportunities, ensuring that evenings and break times are a happy and stimulating times for the children. Every term each child has numerous activities to choose from every break time and evening. 

There is a wide-ranging winter lecture programme which offers the pupils the chance to broaden their horizons; we are very fortunate to have many distinguished visiting speakers who really engage with the children.

Leadership training is a central part of the education that we provide and our outward bound activities programme is an integral and very popular part of this; early on the children learn about outdoor camping skills and the older ones are taken on more adventurous activities and taught about orienteering, climbing, camp-craft, canoeing and hill walking; there is the chance to join the annual leavers’ sponsored expeditions.

The leavers’ programme during the last few weeks of a child's time at Maidwell is a tremendous highlight focusing on a week away by the sea, an overnight survival exercise and numerous one day trips and adventurous outings.

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