Academic Overview

Pupils are prepared for Common Entrance and Scholarship to our destination public schools. Typically, we feed to Eton, Harrow, Oundle, Radley, Rugby, Shrewsbury, Stowe, Winchester, Uppingham, Downe House, Tudor Hall and Cheltenham Ladies College.

Throughout the school pupils are taught by subject specialists; in their first year they have most lessons in their form room but thereafter all lessons are taught in subject classrooms. Pupils are streamed from arrival at the school, with class sizes never going above fifteen.

This year the AB rate was an impressive 79% , with an AA* rate of 58%. Five candidates got straight A's and we had the top candidates in Biology and History at Rugby, the 2nd overall candidate at Radley as well as the top performer in Classics, three special commendations from Uppingham and two excellent performance awards from Oundle. This was all in addition to our scholarship awards. 

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