LAMDA training is offered to Maidwell pupils who want to: explore the world of acting, poetry and prose in performance; build confidence in their voice and physical presence and enhance their appreciation of literature, poetry and drama.

Training is offered towards examinations in communication and performance: Speaking Verse and Prose; Speaking in Public; Acting; Shakespeare and Reading for Performance. Although taking examinations isn’t compulsory, it does give the children a marker to aim for while using wider texts to explore the subject in detail and develop their skills.

Texts studied in LAMDA lessons range from the classics to modern pieces, with some authors familiar to the children and some not; but all are designed to enhance the children’s confidence and to stimulate their imagination.

Exams take place twice a year, and are regulated by OfQual and, like music exams, LAMDA exams are graded from Entry Level to Grade 8. At Level 3 the exam Grades carry UCAS points as they are equivalent to GCSEs and A Levels.

Lessons are given individually or in pairs – depending on the syllabus being studied and the compatibility of students. They are weekly commitments and it is imperative that every child understands that, as in music, regular practice is absolutely key to strong and steady progression.

The lessons are taught by Kate Calnan. Kate trained as a teacher of English and Drama at the Central School of Speech and Drama, taking an additional Diploma in Voice coaching. After qualifying, she worked for the BBC as a studio manager, producer and then announcer on Radio 4. She later moved to Channel 4 and, at the same time, began an agency for voice artists.

If you would like to book your child onto our LAMDA course, or to hear more, please contact the office.


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