Independent Schools Inspectorate Boarding Welfare Intermediate Inspection Report 2013

Our Boarding Welfare Intermediate Inspection Report confirmed that the School meets all the National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools. 

The content of the report can be accessed via the following link:

Key Extracts: Independent Schools Inspectorate Standard Inspection Report 2010

Our standard inspection took place over 5 days on two separate visits. It was a very thorough inspection and it was clear to the inspectors that much had changed since the previous ISI inspection over 6 years ago. We could not have been more thrilled with the final verdicts and the report uses the words 'excellent' and 'outstanding' 28 times. This clearly shows that the school has been given the highest rating.

  • The quality of the pupil personal development is outstanding.

  • The outstanding quality of pastoral care and the excellent relationships between staff and pupils ensure a highly positive experience.

  • Pupil attitudes to learning are outstanding. They are polite, caring of the views of others, and settle to work quickly. They relish challenge and respond positively.

  • Sporting activities are outstanding with a wide range of sports available.

  • The range and quantity of extra-curricular activities for all children are excellent.

  • The pupils' spiritual development is outstanding.

  • The care the staff devote to the well-being of their pupils is outstanding.

  • The excellent relationships between staff and pupils, and between children, are a strength of the school.

  • The quality of the catering is excellent and much appreciated by the children.

  • The quality of the boarding education is outstanding.

  • The pupils' personal development benefits greatly from the happy, caring family atmosphere.

  • Relationships between the children of all ages are outstandingly positive.

  • There is an outstanding activities programme.

  • The quality of governance is outstanding.

  • Leadership and management at all levels are excellent. The school is well led with a clear vision for the future.

  • Communication is excellent.

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