Term Dates

Autumn Term 2018

A full list of events for the Autumn Term 2018 can be downloaded here:




Future Term Dates 2019         

Lent Term 2019         


Beginning of Term:

Tuesday 8th January (Boarders) 19.30


Wednesday 9th January (day pupils) 08.30

1st Leave Out:

Friday 25th January 12.30 to Monday 28th January 19.30

Half –Term:

Friday 15th February 12.30 to Sunday 24th February 19.30

2nd Leave Out:

Friday 15th March 12.30 to Monday 18th March 19.30

End of Term:

Thursday 28th March 12.30


Summer Term 2019  


Early return for Form II

Wednesday 24th April (Geography field trip 14.00)

Beginning of Term:

Thursday 25th April (boarders) 19.00


Friday 26th April (day pupils) 08.30

1st Leave Out:

Friday 10th May 12.30 to Monday 13th May 19.30

Half –Term:

Friday 24th May 12.30 to Sunday 2nd June 19.30

2nd Leave Out:

Friday 21st June 12.30 to Monday 24th June 19.30

End of Term:

Saturday 6th July 17.00


Autumn Term 2019   


Beginning of Term:

Thursday 5th September (boarders) 19.00


Friday 6th September (day pupils) 08.30

1st Leave Out:

Friday 27th September 12.30 to Monday 30th September 19.30

Half –Term:

Sunday 12th October 12.30 Sunday 27th October 19.30

2nd Leave Out:

Friday 8th November 13.30 to Monday 11th November 19.30

3rd Leave Out:

Friday 22nd November 12.30 to Monday 25th November 19.30

End of Term:

Tuesday 10th December 13.00




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