The Geography Department consists of 2 members of staff. Pupils have two Geography lessons per week in their first two years and three in their last three years. Geography at the younger end of the school focuses on familiarising the children with the 3 main areas of study; Physical, Human and Environmental and how they overlap.

To do this they develop map skills and begin to learn about continents, countries and capitals.  

By Form III (year 6) work begins on the Common Entrance syllabus both in physical and human geography. This continues into Form II (year 7) and is revised in preparation for exams in Form I (year 8). Ordnance Survey map skills and Global location knowledge are also developed at this time.

Fieldwork is an essential part of understanding and experiencing Geography first hand. The programme currently includes;

  • Form IV visiting the Green Britain centre to learn about environmental issues.  
  • Form III going on a two day trip to the Suffolk coast to study coastal features, defences and human settlement patterns.
  • Form II travelling to the Peak District for two days to study river features, processes and other physical landforms.

Geography 1    Geography 2

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