From the very start of Form V (year 4), all four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are involved in lessons.

In Form V, pupils follow a specially created program which takes them through a variety of topics with the focus on building vocabulary. Forms IV through to II follow the textbook course, Tricolore Total.

Games, songs and pair-work conversation are all integral parts of lessons, enabling pupils to perform to their best level with confidence. Grammar points and verb constructions are taught on a gradual basis throughout the school. The recent adoption of iPads has enabled pupils to have more opportunities to keep a record of speaking and interaction with others, along with the ability to keep a detailed digital database of all the language that they cover.

At the end of Form II (year 7), the pupils will have comprehensively covered every grammar point and syllabus topic required for Common Entrance. The final year is then spent consolidating and expanding upon previous topics and preparing pupils for the Common Entrance exam or for Scholarship to their chosen school.

A particular highlight for many Maidwellians is the week-long Form II June visit to Normandy. Pupils are immersed in a variety of linguistic and cultural activities including conversing with native speakers and visits to historical sites, such as the Mont st Michel, the Bayeux Tapestry and D-day landing sites.

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