All children in Forms V, IV and III have a drama lesson each week within the curriculum. These lessons are progressive, starting in Form V with games and the development of essential skills and moving on to more advanced techniques by the time they are in Form III.

During the year Form IV and III will have the opportunity to perform in front of the whole school in Prayers. They will perform all or part of a play that requires the learning of scripts, they will wear costumes and wigs and props will be used on stage.

In Form II, when Drama is no longer part of the curriculum, all children are given the opportunity to join a Drama club. This is offered as one of the evening activities and, if they are interested, they are encouraged to sign up for two terms. This is so that they have time to put together and rehearse a series of short plays, often humorous, that can be performed to the whole school in Prayers.

The school also offers 1:1 LAMDA tuition in the evenings with a very experienced specialist LAMDA teacher for those who wish to pursue and extend their acting skills. In most cases this leads to external examinations and national qualifications.

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