Design brings together the many skills, mental and physical, required to plan and construct, including problem solving assignments and decision-making. In the first three years the aim is to give all pupils a thorough understanding of structures, balance, rigidity, cams, levers, pneumatics and hydraulics.

Projects such as moving toys, trebuchets, powered bottle-boats and scale models of structures are examples of the work undertaken, and individual ideas are encouraged to be realised through the development of prototypes.

The preparation of plans and elevations, technical drawing, nets, working to scale and health and safety issues are areas covered. Working individually or as a member of a team, pupils are encouraged to achieve accuracy and to work creatively.

We have an annual Young Enterprise Scheme where the children operate as a company and design and make items to sell for their own profit at the Christmas Fair.

At the top end of the school an Art and Design programme is followed which combines practical and technological skills with creative thinking relating to the commercial world of designing for purpose, production and economics.

In spare time and under supervision children have the opportunity to design and make anything they wish. Their products are put on show in the annual Open Day Art and Design Exhibition.

Previous exhibits have included: a 6 metre high Big Ben model, footballing webcam robots, battle submarines, a life sized operational Tyrannosaurus rex head, an automatic xylophone playing device, a meccano and k'nex funfair, a Foucault Pendulum, a solar powered zeppelin and a full sized dalek. See the development and adventures of the Daleks here:

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