Boarding and Day


Children may full board from Year 4 (Form V), the majority of children in the school are full boarders. We have leave outs every two to three weeks which last from lunchtime on Friday until the Monday evening. The happy family atmosphere that pervades at Maidwell Hall is an important part of why boarding with us is so successful.

It is well proven that children who board are more independent, learn to live with their peers harmoniously and grow in confidence. Each child is nurtured to ensure that they develop to the best of their ability.

The newly refurbished accommodation, which is partly housed in the original bedrooms of the main hall, feels homely and comfortable. We love the boarders to make their space feel cosy, encouraging them to bring their teddies, photos and bed linen from home.

There is an incredibly comprehensive programme of activities offered in the evenings, so everyone is kept happy and busy, with the boarders relaxing before bed drinking hot chocolate in their dressing gowns.  The caring team of boarding staff are Robert and Carey Lankester, Steve Schofield (The Director of Boarding), our gap tutors and a team of five matrons to ensure that the children always have someone to talk to, and are well looked after throughout the day and night.

At the weekends there are normal lessons and matches for everyone on Saturday, with Sunday providing an opportunity to enjoy a free day of fun in the grounds or the chance to go on one of the many trips out that the we organise, which day children and transitional boarders are welcome to join. The children describe Sunday as the best day of the week, as there is such a buzz of activity with the whole boarding community together.

In the evenings…

7.40pm – children finish their evening of activities and start getting ready for bed, once changed for bed they have ‘grog’, which may be hot chocolate or a homemade milkshake with a biscuit and fruit.

Carey Lankester, the Headmaster’s wife, reads to the younger year groups.

8.00pm – The youngest children have their lights out, with older children having lights out at intervals until 9.00 pm.

In the mornings…

7.20 – the children are woken up by matron (no bells at Maidwell!) and head down for breakfast, followed by ‘first break’

8.30 – the school day begins with Prayers in the front hall.

Transitional Boarding

This is a popular choice for those who want to go slowly into full boarding. Children in the junior year groups can board for two or three nights a week.

Weekly Boarding

Children in their first year may weekly board as a way to adjust to school life.



Day children are fully included in all aspects of school life.

Day children need to arrive by 8.30am in time for morning prayers, although they are welcome to join us for breakfast from 7.45am. There are three evening pick up options:

6.05pm – Children will have completed their school day and prep.

6.30pm – Children will have completed their school day, prep and had supper.

7.40pm – Children will have completed their school day, prep, had supper and their chosen activity.

There are no additional charges for breakfast, supper or any of the activities and you can make a decision on your pick up time that morning. It is also worth noting that sports kit is ordered directly to the school, where it remains, we undertake all name-taping and laundering of sports kit.

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